Belgian labour law

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Belgian labour law

Discover a training that provides you with a full overview

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  • Are you the HR point of contact to whom employees turn to when they have questions?
  • Do you work for a company that is going to employ staff in Belgium?
  • Are you responsible for the payroll of the Belgian employees of your (foreign) company?
  • Have you contacted a Belgian payroll company and would you like to better understand what they deliver to you?

This training provides you with a full overview of the basic rules of Belgian social legislation. It ranges from hiring to dismissing and from calculating wages to sick leave. It deals with all the important practical topics you need in your daily work.

After this training:

  • You will have a full overview of the basic rules of Belgian social legislation
  • You will be able to answer all questions ranging from hiring to dismissing
  • You will serve as an ideal HR point of contact within your company


Day 1: Start of employment

  • Formalities for (new) employers in Belgium
  • Dimona/Limosa declarations
  • Employment contract
    • Language legislation
    • Types of labour agreements (white/blue collar, fixed term, part time,…)
    • Essential and obligatory content in employment contracts
  • Working time and rest periods
  • Social and fiscal documents

Day 2: Salary and benefits (gross-net)

  • Determination of basic salary package
  • Overview of most common benefits incl. their fiscal and social security treatment
    • Meal vouchers
    • Company car
    • Cost allowances
    • Benefit in kind
  •  Payroll processing
    • Social security       
      • Contributions, exemptions and reductions
    • Source income tax
      • Scales, professional withholding tax, tax free sums and reductions

Day 3: During employment

  • General obligations of both parties
  • Types of leave/suspension of labour contract
    • Annual/public holidays, illness, maternity, time credit, parental leave,..
  • Termination of labour agreements 

Termination of employment

  • Termination methods
    • General termination methods
    • Notice and severance pay in lieu of notice
    • Dismissal for serious cause
  • Dismissal motivation
  • Protected employees
  • Mandatory end of service payments and documents
  • Outplacement

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This training is accessible to all payroll employees, HR managers and personnel officers working for Belgian or foreign employers who want to gain a basic knowledge of the rules of Belgian social legislation.



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€ 1030,- (excl. BTW)

English course

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